Full Size Needlepoint Stockings

HAVE NOT LAUNCHED FOR 2024 YET. Most likely they will launch sometime between now and March.

All previous designs will be carried over, and we'll *hopefully* have two new surprises!

Our full-size stockings with naming customization are only released once a year, each year, typically between January and March to give us time for customization.

*Join our email list at the bottom of this page, not the form on the "Contact" page, to be among the first to know when Full Size stockings launch as they sell out very quickly*

We are excited to offer full size hand-stitched needlepoint stockings in limited quantities! These are 100% hand-stitched needlepoint made for fair trade by our team in Haiti. All of our artwork is original and was created by the very talented Sarah Watson. All stockings are 12-count mesh and made with Appletons Wool from Buckinghamshire, England.

These sell out within hours each spring, so please join our email list to be among the first to know.

- Needlepoint Names: $385 (9-letter maximum)
- Monogrammed Names: $300 (10-letter maximum)
- Blank Cuff: $275
We make fully customizable full-size stockings starting at $1750 each, please reach out to kate@baublestockings.com for more information on our process. Available only in limited quantities per year.
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